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A team of experienced consultants determined to help their clients achieve sustainable business success and secure jobs with holistic solutions.

For our clients, we create transparency, understanding, teamwork, and lasting relationships. We also rely on these principles of cooperation in-house.

We allow you to become part of a motivated team that is geared towards exchange and continuous development. Because growth is not only measured by numbers. At the same time, we offer the highest possible flexibility and the best opportunities for your personal development in a career with growing responsibility.





Your plans are important to us. If your situation requires it, AuxilPartner offers, for example, a shorter working week - this gives you room for further qualification, personal development, or family. We will find a working time model that fits. After all, it's not the time you spend working that counts -it's what you achieve in it!



We appreciate your effort. That's why we offer above-average pay with a performance-related remuneration component - even at the beginner level. And lots of extras: from tax-free benefits in kind to a company bicycle or fitness card. And at the appropriate career level, even a company car is no problem.

Team culture

Team Culture

We cultivate networked cooperation in a strong team and mutual support. Our culture thrives on the openness to contribute one's personality and to meet at eye level. We regularly offer opportunities for free exchange and joint team events. 



We focus on flexibility and mobility. With us, all consultants have free choice of residence in Germany and border regions - and together, we will find a solution that will get you up and running quickly and easily - from where you live. There are no fixed days in the head office or local office with us.



We are confident that you want to solve problems and master challenges - because that is what consulting is all about. Your most important tool is your head. It is not always free in the project office. As far as the project workload allows, Friday is home office day; so that you can also concentrate beyond the routine.



We believe that life-long personal development is crucial to remain innovative, motivated, and high-performing. We, therefore, promote the further training of all employees intensively and individually. Through regular offers for an additional professional qualification or through postgraduate studies.

Your Opportunities with AUXILPARTNER


Start your career with us  

Begin as a Junior Consultant immediately on a project assignment - even during an internship or during your studies. Put your knowledge and ideas directly into practice and gain valuable experience that will make the foundation of consulting and the way industry works second nature to you. Our experienced consultants get you on board. We will also be happy to support you with a unique project in which you can research a practice-related topic for a scientific thesis.


The people of tomorrow

AuxilPartner offers you direct entry to AuxilPartner with an excellent university degree and initial company experience, e.g., from internships. You will help to ensure the success of the project. You will be responsible for the successful implementation of project packages. You will take responsibility for your areas of activity in the project team, both in the analysis and in the implementation of individual measures. Step by step, we will get you ready to accompany companies on all levels. And if you feel at home in all areas, we will develop a plan for your further qualification.


make your mark On-Site

As a senior consultant with a certified background in restructuring consulting, you will lead smaller project teams. Through focused project management, you will design your sub-projects or entire projects for analysis and effective implementation of measures. Together with partners and managers responsible for the project, you set our goals yourself and coordinate them with the employees in the company on-site, where you are their direct contact. After your first steps in management, you will quickly feel ready for more significant tasks.


Choosing Responsibility

As a manager with initial leadership experience and corresponding hard and soft skills in HR management, you are the independent leader of an entire project team. Together with your team, you control the project work and take full responsibility for the operative project management on-site. You will develop the project goals in consultation with the responsible partners and monitor the implementation and achievement of the goals, which you will be responsible for internally and externally. You will accompany senior managers and partners in the acquisition process and become the first contact person for the representatives of the client company at the highest level. In-house, you will supervise your project areas and collect suggestions for solutions and improvements


Problem-Solver, Challenge-Seeker, Solid as a rock

With some experience in managing your projects, the path to senior management is open to you. As the responsible operative project manager in complex and extensive projects, you are the first contact person for the client company and its business and financing partners on-site. You lead your project team, whose goals you define, monitor, and control independently in consultation with the responsible partners. As the person responsible for operations, you will accompany the project from acquisition to completion and later on to follow-up orders. Your tasks are the analysis and definition of plans and measures as well as implementation and control.  Your range of functions also includes the interim assumption of management functions and the assumption of internal tasks in which you shape the continuous development of the company.


Grow the business

As a Partner, you directly influence the operational skills and strategic vision of the AuxilPartner. You will acquire projects and plan the project teams' deployment following the strategic vision we have jointly defined. You will be the contact person for the management and financial partners of the client companies; you will moderate top-level negotiations and take on CRO tasks on an interim basis. You coordinate the assignment with the management of the client company and concretize the project goals with the project managers on site. You are responsible for the leadership and further development of your employees and help them to discover their potential and contribute your talents..

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Axel Nordsieck
Managing Director
MSc, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

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