Restructuring reports FOLLOWING IDW S6 STANDARDS

We prepare restructuring reports for you following the IDW S6 standard, which meets the requirements of the highest court jurisdiction (BGH). We always follow a holistic approach to strengthen and ensure the long-term competitiveness and profitability of your company.


If your company enters a profitability or liquidity crisis, a legally robust restructuring report is required for your financing partners to maintain and expand its previous financing commitment.  Constructive cooperation with all stakeholders involved (customers, suppliers, financiers, trade credit insurers, employees, works councils as well as management and shareholders) is of crucial importance. A restructuring report analyzes the current situation of your company, identifies essential measures to improve results, and maps them in a multi-year integrated corporate planning (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow). In this way, an objective restructuring concept is developed transparently for all stakeholders, which is then implemented in the following periods in a sustainable and profit-effective manner. In this way, the path to overcoming the corporate crisis is shown understandably.




The starting point of a reorganization report is the analysis and derivation of the current economic starting situation of your company. This involves the development of earnings and liquidity as well as the main cost items of the past financial years. In addition to the historical development of your product and customer portfolio, the presentation of corporate law interdependencies within your organizational and corporate structure is particularly relevant. These form the basis for a better understanding of the stage and causes of your company's crisis.



In the restructuring environment, a distinction is made between strategy and stakeholder crisis, product and sales crisis, success and earnings crisis, and liquidity crisis.The highest characteristic of the crisis stage is the impending insolvency. The more advanced the crisis is, the fewer alternatives for action there are. For this reason, suitable measures and concepts should be developed at an early stage of the crisis. A legally binding restructuring concept (IDW S6/BGH) forms an appropriate basis for the decision-making processes of relevant stakeholders and financing partners.



To define suitable measures to increase earnings, a thorough understanding of the causes of the crisis and its development and origin is essential. As a matter of principle, we distinguish between internal and external causes of crises. For this reason, we analyze influencing factors such as changes in the market and competition, changes in product and portfolio strategy, adjustments to price-condition systems, but also internal personnel, organizational and structural changes. The technical maturity of your value chains is also of great importance. A closer look at these mutual interactions provides information about the complexity of the underlying causes of the crisis. It ultimately determines the severity of the necessary restructuring measures (root cause analysis).



The strategic market positioning of your company and comparison with relevant competitors determine the resilience of the underlying business model. Direct feedback through active customer surveys often provides helpful information for the objective assessment and perception of your company, your products, and your external knowledge towards third parties. In this way, valuable measures and options for action can be derived in a targeted manner to (re)align your company with the particular customer needs. Likewise, a direct benchmarking of your performance indicators and cost positions against direct competitors leads to a neutral assessment of your profitability(Cost-Competitive-Matrix AuxilPartner).



The customer is in focus. We support you in formulating the concerns and needs of your customers in a detailed and differentiated manner. Based on this, we work with you to develop a target image for a customer-oriented business model tailored to your company and present this in a recognizable mission statement. This consists of a vision and a continuing mission. The concept shows the goals of your organization and guides the internal decision-making process. The mission also defines how your company implements the business model in practice. To apply the mission statement, we jointly define necessary measures and map them in integrated corporate planning.


Processes, organisation
and digitIZation

We support you in sustainably increasing your operational performance and excellence. The increasing internationalization and networking of structures increase the complexity of your organization and internal processes. Therefore, the continuous development of your analog and digital business processes is essential. Together with you, we determine the degree of maturity of your digitization and evaluate the entire value stream in your company.Starting with the incoming orders, the order and production control, the production and logistics, up to the dispatch, and the subsequent activities, we create a future target profile for the optimized process flow together with you. We attach great importance to the sensible implementation and further development of digital methods.



For a sustainable restructuring success, the detailed and precise elaboration of specific technical and divisional action plans over time is necessary. When presenting the packages of measures, it is essential to ensure that the respective effect of the individual steps on results and liquidity is reflected in your corporate planning and that the respective degree of implementation is tracked and guaranteed by a monthly target-performance comparison. We support you in creating and depicting the necessary measures to increase earnings plausibly and understandably for all relevant stakeholders. By assigning binding responsibilities, our project plans transparently show the way out of the crisis for your company.



The results of a reorganization appraisal reflect in a multi-year integrated corporate planning (P&L, balance sheet, and cashflow). The aim is to take appropriate measures to restore the competitiveness and profitability of your company and to confirm its ability to restructure. The development of a tailor-made financing concept to ensure your liquidity and through-financing is also an essential part of the restructuring report.Besides, we offer you suitable controlling instruments to successfully track the defined earnings enhancement measures and prioritize their implementation in a way that will affect the results.




We pay special attention to the potential of operational measures in restructuring to regain your profitability. Our consultants work hand in hand with you and your employees -with a clear view of operational processes, logistical problems, and technical challenges and their meaningful mapping in controlling systems for profit management.



Standard concepts that only consider individual aspects are not enough for us. Our initial analysis presents the decisive success factors in context. The measures adapt specifically to your company and your product and customer portfolio.

Process related


We support your company in all productive and indirectly productive areas - in controlling and financial accounting, in sales and purchasing, in production and logistics, as well as in shipping and all downstream (after-sales) processes. In addition to the pure business management consideration of your company processes, we attach great importance to operational excellence in order processing. From many years of experience, our teams have a versatile and in-depth market and industry knowledge to design your processes accordingly.

As a partner


We accompany you as a partner in discussions with financiers, suppliers, and customers, but also with works councils and extended shareholder groups; we deliberately take the time to bring all stakeholders on board. In this way, we ensure that the planned measures find the necessary support in the crew.



We do not measure success by the number of analyses and plans, but by the success of your company. Our actions are always directed towards a concrete result. We don't spend our time just with numbers and presentations, but stand with the early shift in production in the morning, drive to the customer with the sales department, hold supplier talks with the purchasing department, support your controlling and financial accounting - we get to work.



Our analysis looks at your company as a whole and provides a clear view of the critical return factors. The restructuring plan developed together with you takes into account the specifics of the starting position, market, and industry and describes the way to regain competitiveness and profitability with comprehensible measures - transparently and credibly.

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