Operational restructuring

Whether as a preventive measure to avert a crisis, in the implementation of a restructuring report, to improve the profitability or to prepare for a new strategic challenge: an operative restructuring is a special challenge for management and employees in addition to the day-to-day business. This can often be handled more efficiently with external support.


Our strength is to analyze, and question established procedures and processes of your daily business and to realign them to customer needs. While business-as-usual continues to take place in parallel, we support you and your employees as crisis-experienced consultants in implementing sustainable measures to increase earnings.

Based on the analysis, we help you to translate a profit target or a strategic vision into concrete actions promptly. Our standards of professionalism, honesty, and mutual trust determine our approach in close cooperation with you and your employees. We ensure transparent insight into the progress of the project and the results achieved at all times. The versatile background of our restructuring consultants enables us to ensure that measures are implemented at eye level in all areas of the company. We work hand in hand with your controlling department, financial accounting, sales and purchasing, production, and logistics, as well as shipping and all downstream (after-sales) managers. We make sure that the entire workforce supports jointly defined measures and that new structures and impulses are established and consolidated in the longterm, even after we have already left the company as consultants



LIQUIDITY management

Financial transparency and stringent working capital management lead to a rapid improvement in your cash flow in the short term. Only sustainable development and the coordination of all areas with each other will increase your financial scope in the long run. It will give you further degrees of freedom to design and realign your structures, without necessarily having to expand your financing framework directly. Many companies often do not know how great the internal potential for creating liquidity reserves from their resources is because there is not enough clarity about the source and use of funds. Always remember that although additional external liquidity secures your company in the short term, your debt service in the following years will be additionally burdened, and essential strategic investments may be prevented. With us, you establish a short-, medium- and long-term liquidity plan that avoids stress situations and sustainably strengthens the trust of your business and financing partners. 



We support you in discussions with financing partners and the development of a suitable financing structure along with your corporate planning and debt service capability in the following years. In this way, you will receive an adequate financing structure that is tailored to your individual needs, taking into account current opportunities and risks, and that will strengthen your company in the implementation of the upcoming changes. .



A successful realignment requires that all internal and external parties involved work together in a spirit of trust. Through our work, we support you in preparing and providing all relevant stakeholders in a tense situation with the necessary information: Financiers and trade credit insurers, shareholders, supervisory bodies and management, works councils and employees as well as customers and suppliers. We offer you regular reporting with a status on the progress of ongoing restructuring projects, including constant target-performance comparisons against the restructuring report. In this way, we promote the confidence of all stakeholders in a shared future and, if necessary, make further adjustments based on the ongoing business development.


SALES, Service AND After-Sales

The development of new business areas is just as relevant as the active management and control of existing sales and distribution channels. We support you in creating the necessary transparency for future decisions. Our segment accounting enables you to analyze the costs of your product and customer groups according to the activity-based costing approach. Including all direct and indirect costs, we show you the profitability of your product and customer structures at the individual contribution margin levels. The scatter-gun principle actively avoided, and together with you, we define different measures to optimize individual sales and product channels. In addition, depending on the business model, an order structure analysis can provide further information on the profitability of individual customers by order type and size. This provides additional opportunities for new measures to increase earnings. We follow a holistic approach and integrate downstream processes such as customer service and spare parts strategies comprehensively into our concepts to achieve maximum customer penetration together with you


PURCHASING and procurement

There is profit in purchasing. Don't just use this sentence as a reason for tough price negotiations with your suppliers, but develop strategic partnerships. Use the development competencies of your company with those of your suppliers to build your products and purchased parts through value-analytical approaches continuously. Integrate your suppliers into your procurement process and create sufficient transparency in the run-up to the purchase of goods to optimize your working capital. Also, use new digital possibilities. In our experience, lack of communication and lack of transparency is the most significant factor for waste. Optimize the entire supply chain from raw material to product delivery. We would be happy to help you digitally optimize and realign your supply chain in an age when more and more things in the Internet of Things and machines in the Smart Factory need to communicate in a networked way to be competitive


PRODUCTION and logistics 

We see our work and support at your site in production as an active and agile task and work closely with your employees on the shop floor and in all production-related areas. Once the future production concept has been drawn up, we support you in the implementation. We provide lean management processes, optimize handling and set-up times on production facilities and assembly lines, reduce logistical travels, improve material availability and goods procurement and digitalize your production processes in a comprehensive and meaningful way. The aim is to harmonize your production, order throughput, and procurement processes with your sales strategy and, ultimately, your customers' needs for efficient use of the human, machine and material resources and thus to optimize your working capital requirements. With our measures, we eliminate waste in your company (Muda) because our employees are there where success is decided: on the shop floor (Genchi Genbutsu).



During periods of restructuring, management is often faced with additional challenges. We support you in all things that are new to you: communication and moderation with your financing partners, implementation of measures to increase earnings, and together with you, we evaluate the maturity of the processes, the potential of your managers and work out a structure for future responsibilities and competencies. If required and desired, we can also act as an interim manager, taking responsibility for the implementation of new organizational structures in consultation with you, thus keeping your back free for day-to-day business.




The starting point of any restructuring is the analysis of the current state of your company. The development of the last years shows in which areas the expected potentials have not been reached and where procedural and organizational approaches for improvement can be found in your company. How has the market position developed? Have you changed the price and cost structures? What measures have you taken so far to counteract this? Is the internal organizational structure geared to market requirements? Is the company concentrating on its core competencies? Do internal interfaces between the divisions work? An objective assessment of your company's initial situation enables us to create a suitable starting point for further measures to increase earnings.



Based on the analysis, we establish a project and target structure for the following operational restructuring phase together and in coordination with you. Together with you, we define the content, scope, and priorities for further communication with the relevant stakeholders. In this way, we help you to remain actively at the helm and to make the information available to the appropriate target groups in a targeted manner. We need to provide all stakeholders with an equally transparent presentation of the progress of the measures in the ongoing restructuring process. The benevolent support of all stakeholders consolidates the success of the restructuring and thus contributes to the long-term success of your company. 



A vision or a stable growth and profit target places high demands on the various business units. It is, therefore, particularly relevant to break down overriding earnings targets into comprehensible, individual goals, and measures that are related to specific areas and fields. Only in this way can the respective responsible persons fulfill their tasks and achieve the set goals. In our projects, we work directly with the responsible persons from your company on-site and orientate ourselves in the implementation of the measures on the jointly set milestones for achieving the goals.  This close involvement ensures that your employees are continuously supported in the optimization of processes and are carefully and actively involved in the restructuring of your company. The joint work and collective success in the implementation of restructuring measures create trust in the workforce and strengthen the leadership competence of the management.



The success of the implementation of operational measures is tracked by regular reporting and ongoing controlling. Our standardized and digital project management systems provide you with an overview of the current activities of the restructuring process and the impact of the measures on your company's earnings and liquidity at all times. Potential delays in the implementation of standards can also be actively avoided during the restructuring period. The aim is to regain the profitability of your company and to set up an early warning system so that you can intervene in individual company processes even earlier and with foresight in the future.Furthermore, the established reporting structures allow the identification of future strategic challenges. If you want everything to remain as it is, then actively manage your success of tomorrow with us today.

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